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I’ve had this brain wave. It came to me over tea and toast this morning…

With all the huhah recently about burning the Koran, and the expected violent frenzy from the ‘religion of peace’, we should follow this golden rule…

In every building we want to protect from, ‘the religion of peace’, we should Keep a store of the Koran and make sure, ‘the religion of peace’, knows about it. They will never blow up their holy book, so the building will be safe.

For personal safety, I recommend strapping several copies about your person so that should, ‘the religion of peace’, come to get you, you can open your coat and declare, “I am protected by the Koran!” I know it leaves the head exposed, (and they do love to behead folk!) so keep a copy in your hat as well, then they can’t cut your head off without getting some of your nasty blood staining their book.

There, that’s all there is to it. The Colin Owen anti ‘the religion of peace’ kit.