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The above is a quote from Barak Obama during a conversation about his beliefs.

This is typical of satanic doctrine. Satan always reverses the truth, it’s a dead giveaway! You will have heard people say, “There are many ways to God.” or, “All religions eventually lead to God.” Oprah Winfrey is a notable preacher of this tripe in America. See this link for a video of her denial of Christ: http://www.theway.co.uk/community/oprah.php

Surely, it makes sense to ask God how He wants us to come to Him…Right? Why is it then that so many try to find their own way and so end up like Oprah, way off beam and going to a lost eternity? God made it plain for us in His book. He put just about everything we need to know about Him in His book. SO WHY DON’T THESE NUMBSKULLS JUST READ IT AND DO WHAT IT SAYS…IT’S A NO BRAINER!

God says, There is only one way to get to Him, and that is through His Son Christ Jesus. There is NO OTHER WAY.

So, the devil comes along and spreads the doctrine, “There are many ways to God…All roads lead to heaven…You don’t need Christ, just live a good life and you’ll be fine.” LIAR! Don’t believe him, or Oprah, or Barak, or anyone else to pedals this crap. One road leads to God. The Bible tells us, “Narrow is the way that leads to salvation, and few are those who find it. But broad is the path that leads to destruction, and the tail back goes on for miles!!!” That’s my interpretation, but you get the idea. The road to hell is very broad and people are flocking to it in droves.

So, Barak is right. There are many paths to the same place. HELL