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To be a Christian means, to follow the way. The Way, in this case, is Jesus. So, to be a Christian means to follow the example and teaching of Jesus. Become disciples, if you like, or imitators of the teacher.

Jesus lived by faith, and calls us to do the same. “The just shall live by faith.” That command appears several times in scripture. God even goes so far as to say, if we shrink back, He will not be pleased with us. Now there’s a thought!

In an earlier post I talked about hearing God’s voice as opposed to Satan’s or our own. Here’s another pointer for you to know it is God you are hearing. God’s way, will always require faith. Satan’s will not. He will offer the easy way out. God will never do that. So, the more difficult way will be God’s way.

Faith is funny stuff. You can’t really reason it out. Faith stands (flies) in the face of reason. True faith is almost always ‘unreasonable’ to those who don’t have it.

Faith and common sense have no relationship at all. Common sense will always be the opposite of faith, and sound, and sometimes, look, stupid, to those who aren’t walking in it.

Never be put off by believers who are faithless. Sad to say, there are gazillions of them. A wise teacher taught me, “If you aim at nothing, you will certainly hit it!” The only Christians who never make a mistake, are those who never, ever, step out in faith. But, of course, lack of faith is the biggest mistake any believer can make!

One last point…”Anything that does not come from faith, is sin.” So, reasoning stuff out is a sin, (don’t confuse praying with reasoning). Using common sense instead of faith is a sin.


Carol and I were asked to sing at Faith Camp. We both had to give up our jobs in order to be able to attend the camp. Whilst at camp, we were invited to go to Bible college. That meant leaving our church, our house and even our cat! We said yes. In one of the evening services at camp, the preacher spoke on, “Never asking your finances.” He did it in such a way that had us all in stitches. The gist being, if you ask your finances they will always say no.

The time came near for us to leave and go to Bible college. The car failed the MOT. It needed new tires and battery, and other stuff that we simply could not afford, (we were both unemployed remember, with a mortgage to pay). Common sense said, “We can’t go.” God said, “Trust Me.” We put the car in for repair and MOT without having the money to pay for it. Money just ‘appeared’ in our bank account! From whom, we don’t know, other than God, of course. We went to Bible college, and drove down on four new tyres, with a new battery fitted, and all the other stuff fixed.

This, is the way of faith.