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Two 11-year-old boys, convicted of trying to rape an eight-year-old girl near her home last year, were given supervision orders on Wednesday.

The boys, believed to be the youngest children to stand trial for rape in Britain, were found guilty of assaulting the girl near her home in Hayes, west London, last October when they were just 10.

Prosecutors said the boys approached the girl when she was playing with a friend near her house. The girl was assaulted in a block of flats, a bin shed and a field.

She told police the boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had taken her scooter, thrown it into a bush and refused to get it back unless she did what they said.

This is yet more proof that our governments are total prats. It’s like giving a kid a gun and saying, “Don’t you dare pull that trigger.”

Want to deal with drunkenness? Make drink available 24 hours a day!

Want to deal with our appalling teenage pregnancy problem? Teach them how to do it at age 5!

It beggars belief.