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My mom used to say this when I was a kid. Funny how some things stick with you…

So, I was at church yesterday in the morning service. I was leading worship so was there at 9.15 to set up the gear and run through the songs with the other musos. We don’t have a bunch of singers, no room.

The meeting went well, praise the Lord, and, as usual, at the end we had a fellowship time with tea and stuff…As you do.

That morning, the worship team consisted of me, the pastor on bass (I love that!) and a guitar player. As is his ‘custom’ the pastor goes to the foyer at the end of the meeting. The guitarist’s wife was not well so he left immediately which left me to pack up the kit. Now I don’t mind being a roady, I’ve done it since I was 13 (See what I mean, some things stick with you!). I unplugged and rolled all the cables then started carrying the stuff to the special cupboard we have for storing the gear.

So, here we are, fellowship time, and as usual, folks gather to chat. Have you noticed how people gravitate to isles and doorways etc. Human blockades everywhere you need to go!!!!! Well, Sunday morning was no exception. There I was humping bass amp, monitor speakers wireboxes etc. through the crush shouting, “Coming through…” Do they move, yes, but as little as possible.

So, the 62-year-old is humping all the kit past the 20/30 somethings and no-one offers to help. The young men just seem oblivious to it. Where is the servant heart guys? Don’t you know that servant hood is worship?

Even Jesus took time to notice the widow throw her two mites into the collection.

So why is it that so many in church today have eyes and see not?