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The devil is in the business of shutting Christians up. He knows the power of our words and it terrifies him. This is evidenced in the clamp down on prayer we are seeing in America. Satan hates prayer, even the mild insipid stuff that comes from traditional religion. He really hates the spirit filled stuff that comes from the born again lot!

It’s no surprise then that he hates tongues. After all, tongues is a spiritual language that satan can not understand. Neither can the speaker, but that’s the wonderful thing about it. When I speak in a tongue, which I do often, I utter mysteries in the spirit that only God understands. It bypasses my mind, I have no understanding of it. It’s like praying without any restrictions. My mind/thoughts don’t get in the way. This is brilliant for me, but not for satan. When I speak in a tongue, I edify myself. Build myself up in modern parlance. Do myself a favour in even more modern parlance!

It’s no wonder then that satan has done his utmost to silence tongues. He’s recruited learned men to put it down. He’s used idiots to sow confusion, (there are plenty of those, just Google a bit!) But he can not silence the Bible, and that is what speaks loudest.

Tongues is a gift of the spirit. When deluded people say, “I don’t want anything to do with this tongues rubbish.” They are actually saying, “I don’t want anything to do with this Holy Spirit rubbish.” Which is actually saying, “I don’t want anything to do with God,” because, you can not separate one from the other.

When I was a lad, they used to say, “The devil has his tongues,” and use that as an excuse. Well, the devil has his English too, and his preachers, evangelists, vicars, bishops, politicians…(The list goes on,) but we haven’t done away with any of them. The devil has sex too, but that hasn’t been discarded just because satan has perverted it. All stuff and nonsense!

So, believer, if you don’t already, start speaking in tongues. If you haven’t been filled with the Spirit, get asking now.

God does not want wimps, he wants warriors, and you can’t be an effective warrior without all the weapons God provides, and tongues is one of them. There’s a list in Revelation of those who don’t get into heaven, and top of that list is coward.

Which one are you, warrior or coward?