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Today is a special day at my church. It’ll be a day of sadness but also joy. A Christian mix that is hard for other folk to understand. A lot of Christian stuff is hard for outsiders to understand!

So, back to today. Our youth pastor and one of our elders, and their wives, are leaving to start a new church in Birmingham (UK version). This is sad, as we will all miss them very much. I personally will miss them more, as three of them are musicians and singers…Lewis, our youth pastor is amazingly talented (read anointed!). He plays a mean guitar, drums, piano (probably bass) and writes great songs. He sings great too. His wife Hannah plays piano and sings beautifully.

Ed, the youngest ‘elder’ I’ve ever come across, plays drums and guitar. He sings too, and leads worship. His wife Karen is wonderful with kids and will leave a huge hole in our children’s ministry.

So, sadness at our loss of so much from so few, but joy in the knowledge that Birmingham is about to receive a great blessing as the Lord moves them on to pastures new. I’ve said it before in these writings, but, saying goodbye is one of the tough things we Christians have to face every so often. Sure, we will all meet up again in eternity, but right now, we all feel it.

So, farewell guys. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine on you and give you peace.

Your brother in Christ,