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See no evil

See no evil

Here we see our typical politician/ruler/president/judge…

Eyes firmly covered in order not to see the evil that is going on all around us.

The Americans have just appointed a woman judge who wants to bring in Sharia law. How stupid is that?

They have a ‘gay’ judge decide the case for same-sex marriage. How unbiased of them!

They say, “What happens in America happens in the UK a few years later…Please God NO!”


Hear no evil

Hear no evil

No matter how much you try to tell them, they just won’t listen.

Politicians/leaders/presidents are notorious for NOT LISTENING!

They seem to live in this blinkered world where only they matter. “It’s all about me you cretins…”

No matter how loud you shout, nothing is ever going to get through their thick skulls.


Speak no evil

Speak no evil

And they gag the rest of us saying, “Thou shalt not criticise us, or point out our mistakes, nor tell us that which we really need to know!”

And they pass laws to do just that. “Call homosexuality a sin, and thou shalt be cast into jail.”

“Offer to pray for a sick person and thou shalt lose thy job.”

“Wear anything to do with Christianity and thou shalt be fired!”

BUT…..”Banning the burka is ‘Un British’.”

Yes folks, we are governed by idiots, morons and prats…

Heaven help us.