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Many mistake soul for spirit. The soul can rise to heights that look like spirituality, but flesh is always flesh…

When Adam and Eve sinned, they allowed their self (will or soul) to rise above their spirit (we should be spirit, soul and body) but we became: soul, body and spirit. Our spirit essentially dead, suppressed and unused.

When we get born again, we have to surrender our will to God’s, will which pushes it back down where it belongs and raises our spirit back to life. We again become: spirit, soul and body, and our spirit is connected to God, so, in effect, God rules our lives through that spiritual connection. None born again people don’t have that spiritual connection with God and so are ruled by their own will. “Look after number one,” is their maxim. we see it all around us.

So, we don’t all have spirituality. Most have soul not spirit, even if they are living lives that ‘look’ spiritual, it is flesh, not spirit. Only born again believers have true spirituality.

I recommend, “The Power of the Soul.” by Watchman Nee.

There endeth the day’s lesson…