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We had a great sermon at church this morning about being content. Pastor was asking, are we content?I have to admit, I am. I find myself constantly thanking God for so many things, it would be too much to write here.

I’ve recently come through a trying time money wise. Namely, not earning enough of it to pay my bills. Through it all, I never lost my peace, and never got disgruntled. Quite something, especially when the bank add to your woes with fees piled on addnauseum! Lloyd’s TSB, my bank, made over £8,000,000,000. Just announced, and still they have to rip off the little guy. They are never content. They, like all financial institutions, have to keep making more and more profit. They never reach a place where they are content. Some people are like that too, never content.

Jesus is my all in all. In Him, I have everything I need. I lack nothing. How many can say that today? So you see, the scripture is true…

“Godliness with contentment is great gain.”