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You may not know that Charles Darwin was a devout Christian man until a tragedy struck…

Charles' daughter Annie

This is Annie, Charles’ daughter who tragically died.

“In 1851 Darwin was devastated when his daughter Annie died. By then his faith in Christianity had dwindled, and he had stopped going to church.”

The devil uses this ploy a lot. You must have heard it…”How can a loving God allow…”

Unlike God, the devil has to resort to the same old stuff cos he is NOT the inventive creator God that I serve. It amazes me that people keep falling for the same old crap. And before you ask, I’ve had my share of tragedy!

All true Christians know that when tragedy strikes, you run TOWARD God, not AWAY from Him.

So, Darwin chose to make war against God. He wrote his book with that in mind, an attempt by the created to turn people away from the creator. A pathetic attempt by a bitter man to get revenge for his loss. Darwin always believed in God. How do I know? Well, you don’t try to discredit that in which you do not believe!