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Have you ever wondered why they achieve such power?

Think of Hitler. He was a two bit corporal and very average painter who managed to rise to the very top. He became a dictator.

Stalin, a failed monk who became a dictator and had millions of his own people killed.

Mao in China inspired worship and adulation from his people, 70 million of whom he slaughtered.

Pol Pot, who butchered countless cambodians…

Sadly, there are many more.

What is it about the rest of us that allows these insane man to rise to the top, to give them absolute power over us? Are we mental too? Is there some innate need in us to be subject to tyranny? I don’t think so, but there is in every human a need to belong. God put it there when He created us. A God shaped hole that only He should fill. But if He isn’t filling it, Satan makes sure that there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Satan takes advantage of every subtlety that God built-in to us and perverts it. He is rightfully named, the destroyer.

So, every so often, a man comes along who is ripe for Satan to possess and work through. Satan uses his power to advance his puppet through the ranks until he reaches the top, and then, all hell breaks loose…Literally.

It used to be said that behind every good man there’s a woman. It can also be said that behind every despot there is Satan.