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Here we have people fighting for something they are passionate about. Carefully, they have planned a campaign, paid for advertising space, chosen what they consider to be the prefect time to go public and achieve greatest impact.

I kinda applaud this…But.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were as passionate about evangelism? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see these (presumably) ladies out there preaching Christ, and Him crucified? All that money…All that effort…The tears, the heartache, wasted on a pointless useless topic when people are bound for hell. Every day thousands depart this life for a life of torment. Every day, millions in our nation struggle with a useless, pointless life of sin, when Christ is there waiting to change them, and bring them to a place where they can be fulfilled, and happy. There is so much more to the Christin life than all this shenanigans portrays.

Shame on you ladies, for clamouring after position when the fields are ripe for harvest.