Hundreds of orthodox Anglicans heard the call to uphold Scripture as the church in the West continues to abandon Christ’s path.

via Orthodox Anglicans urged to hold fast to sound teaching | Christian News on Christian Today.

We would all agree with this…Where would the Anglican church be without the Africans!

The question is, why does this need to be said? What is it that is driving the traditional churches away from Christ? America has almost abandoned itself to the world and its ways, in spite of the very clear teaching in the Bible, which they have abandoned. Denominations are splitting over it, and rightly so. What fellowship has light with darkness? Those who detest the inclusion of filth in church leadership are quite right to break away from the deluded idiots who are embracing perversion and welcoming it into leadership along side themselves.

In the UK we recently had the Jerry John case, a homosexual ‘priest’ wanting to be upgraded to bishop. There was an outcry and his nomination was dropped, (praise the Lord), but he is still a priest. He is still out there spreading his own kind of disease…Still out there preaching perversion by example, totally unrepentant. Why was he ordained in the first place? How stupid do you have to be to not understand what the Bible commands? Jesus chose uneducated fishermen and they understood. I failed the eleven plus and went to a secondary modern school where I was in the ‘B” stream, and I understand!

Makes you wonder what makes these folks tick. They seem not to have the guts to take a stand against this satanic intrusion into the very thing they presumably hold dear, the church. If they held Christ as dear, this would not be happening. To love God is to obey His commands. From what we see going on all around us, it is clear that these people do NOT love God, or His Son, Jesus Christ.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.