I’m really happy to Jack sit any time. Interestingly, I enjoy reading Jack a story. Just a simple thing to do, but until God got hold of me, I was unable to do it. Might sound daft, but I was too shy to read my own kids a bedtime story. How I wish I could turn the clock back …. Silly to think that, I know, but hey, I’m only human.

I lived the first 40 years of my life under the thumb of shyness. Even the years I was in bands and gigging, I was very shy. Then, one day God said, “ENOUGH.” He meant it too. He had me up the front of the church speaking…It took a year before I really got free of it. But whom the Son sets free is free indeed. And I’m living proof that the scriptures work.

Now, I can speak in public. I can even sing a solo if they’ve been bad enough! It’s great to be free to be the man God called me to be. Hallelujah! Jesus reigns! I can even do the funny voices for the flowerpot men!!!!!!! Flobadob.Flowerpot Man