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The abomination of desolation

The abomination of desolation

This  is religion at its worst.

It seems that the so-called church in America has sold its soul to Satan. And he’s taking full advantage of the deal. Read the quotes below and weep.

“With a laying on of hands, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on Sunday welcomed into its fold seven openly gay pastors who had until recently been barred from the church’s ministry.”

Oh, the shame of this. Bringing the laying on of hands, and the word evangelical into disrepute. This is a disgusting scene and one that Jesus will ‘vomit’ out of His mouth when judgement comes.

“The ceremony at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco was the first of several planned since the denomination took a watershed vote at its convention last year to allow non-celibate gay ministers in committed relationships to serve the church.”

Yes, this is the opening of the flood gates, and shows that God has abandoned these people to their delusion.

“Amalia Vagts, executive director of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, said, “It’s been a long and hard journey for a lot of people, and it feels like this is a new beginning in the history of the E.L.C.A.””

Yet another ‘woman’ leading the church astray, and yet more wimpy men being led like simpering pups to the slaughter. For that is what this is. Sin that leads to death.

My heart breaks for these deluded people.