Every time I go to the local shops I have to walk past the alley. It’s a passage way between two houses that leads to the road running parallel with mine. It’s not much to look at, a bit pot holey if you know what I mean. It’s not very long either, maybe 150 feet…(They’ll never convert me to metric!) It’s about 12 feet wide.

So, why do I miss it? Well, Jack used to live at the far end of the alley in the house on the right. I used to walk round there quite often and call in. Always, Jack would want to ‘play outside’ which meant kicking a ball in the alley. He was much younger then and couldn’t kick with the power he can now!!!! So off we would go and play in the alley. I can still see his little leg firing up like a piston as he kicked (sometimes) the ball. Every kick had to have full power. The times it went over Rodah’s fence…And people walking the alley took their life in their hands if Jack had the ball.

It was all good-natured though, and he often introduced me as ‘his friend’ to those ducking for their lives! Sweet.

So you see, I miss the alley for times gone by that will never come again.