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“Is he here yet mom?” “Not yet Jack, be patient.” Jack was not used to being patient, it hurt. And anyway, a 7-year-old has no concept of patience. Did any of us at that age?

“Is he here yet mom?” “No Jack, I told you, be patient!” Mom is now starting to get aggravated at his impatience, but she too wishes he’d hurry up.

Suddenly, there’s the sound of a car on the drive. “He’s here Jack!” Mom shouts, but it’s too late. Jack is already at the door, holding it open.

His daddy comes round the corner and his little face lights up…”DADDY!” he yells so that all the street can hear him.

Boof! The wind gets knocked out of daddy as Jack hits him full on, arms tight around his midriff.

“Hello Jack, missed me?” Daddy laughs, hiding the pain of the low blow.

When we lose family, we lose everything.