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Short answer. No, He didn’t

What He did do was create a being named Haylayll. His latin name, Lucifer. Now Lucifer was created perfect. Perfect in wisdom and beauty. Part of his name suggests a musical connection, and another, a jewel encrusted being of great splendour.

Lucifer was elevated to a very high position. He was placed over the throne of God, where he shone for all to see. The Bible narrative tells us that he became proud and that pride corrupted him. “He was perfect until iniquity was ‘found’ in him.” The Bible says because of his trade…Heard that before haven’t we. A high official being corrupt because of his trade, it’s everywhere. So Satan was trading off his high position.

Lucifer became so arrogant he actually thought he could take God on in a fight! The Bible says, “There was war in heaven. Michael, (the ark angel, means Godlike!) and his angels fought, and Satan (the now evil Lucifer) and his angels fought back, but he was not strong enough and lost his place in heaven.” He was cast down to the earth where he is to this day. No wonder  there is so much war in the world, and always has been!

So, God did NOT create evil, it was invented by a corrupt angel.