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I have recently seen a couple of videos about the hidden side of Islam. To put it mildly, I was both shocked and horrified at what I saw. I won’t go into too much detail here, but the slaughter of men women and children in the most barbaric ways imaginable…Totally beyond belief for people claiming to be human. Wives having acid thrown in their faces, (hundreds of them!) wives and girl friends having been slashed all over their face and body…Down to the bone in places.

I think there’s a point here. Human they are, but inhumane they are also. I believe this is what it means to be demon possessed. When Jesus and His disciples arrived at a certain place, they came across a man who was demon possessed. Though he had been bound with chains, he broke free and cut himself with stones. He howled and behaved like a wild animal. This is exactly what I have seen in these videos. Humans behaving like wild pack animals they are demon possessed. It is frightening, and it is spreading. It is called Islam.

Now, not all Islam is violent. We can praise God for that. There is a section that is peaceful, but the majority is far from peaceful, and that is the side of Islam that is spreading. I’ll post a link below, but be aware that you will need a very strong stomach to watch some of this stuff.

Always remember, Jesus is Lord, and Jesus Reigns!