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I often speak out in this blog, not pulling any punches, so I thought something a little lighter would be in order. With that in mind…

I’m a sound engineer by profession, have been since I was 12. I’ve always recorded sound, it’s been my fascination, and up to a point, my passion. I was a professional studio engineer for around 20 years before the Lord called me out to go to bible college. Thing was, after being taken on as college staff, within 2 months, I was in an office with a sixteen track machine recording the worship team…Seems somethings you can’t escape.

Now, the college is behind me, and I run a small recoding facility from my house. I don’t call it a studio, cos that conjures up visions of soundproof rooms with windows in the wall, and I don’t have any of that. What I do have, is a high tech dining room! The folks I record sing in the lounge. It’s amazing how they don’t seem to mind.

A significant part of what I do now is make radio shows. I make one for Jonathan Conrathe called, “Voice of Faith.” It goes out on Premier. The other is called, “Days of Wonder.” It features Jarrod Cooper, who was at the Bible college with me. That one goes out on UCB, and loads of other places around the world. I do the voice overs for this one, so my dulcet scouse accent is being heard all over the place…God’s got a sense oh humour!

The thing is, I’ve spent most of today editing preaches and compiling the shows. Made seven today. I get paid to listen to some of the best preaching there is, how neat is that.

God is good. He never wastes anything. At every stage of my life He has taught me stuff, and I’m using all of that stuff in His service now. There’s no retirement in God’s kingdom.

May God bless you in your adventure with Him.