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Our equalities ministerThis is our equalities minister. My question is, why do we need her? It seems that all she is doing is promoting the homosexual lobby. She should be called minister for the promotion of perversion.

Now they want religious trappings at homosexual weddings…Why? Homosexuals have abandoned God in every sense, so why does our pathetic government think that they should be allowed to mock God even further by allowing them to use His name as a piece of fun in their abominable ceremonies? Have they such contempt for God that they are doing their best to legislate this mockery into law? And how soon will it be before these poor downtrodden homosexuals insist that they want to perform their mockery in a church building?You know that anything they ask for, this government will grant them.

Make no mistake, homosexuals are devious, and have a plan to achieve exactly this end. They are actively sending spies into churches to catch preachers who have the temerity to speak God’s word against their filthy lifestyles. They have already done it to a street preacher who was arrested, but let off because the whole thing was caught on camera. In that instance, no charge was brought against the perpetrators of the crime, IE. entrapment, they were let off scott-free. They got away with it, and they always will, because this government is terrified of upsetting them.

If we are talking of equalities here, we need it to be ‘equal’ and forcing one side (and there are only 2 sides here, homosexuals v Christians) to bow to the other is NOT equal. We are now seeing the true colours of the Lib Dems, and the results of Cameron’s adultery with them.

Be warned, God will not be mocked. This nation is heading for a fall of biblical proportions. There is still time to repent, but somehow, I don’t see that happening. Do you?