In Genesis 1 we read how God created the heavens and the earth. He did a whole pile of other stuff too, including us. After this, we don’t read of God creating, so what happened?

Well, when he created people, He loved them so much that He gave them the greatest gift He could. The gift of creation. You see, it wasn’t within man’s ability to say, “let there be babies.” So God, in His infinite wisdom, gave us the physical means to create.

Now we can share in His joy of creation, in all it’s forms, but mostly, the ultimate joy of creating a new life.

Is it any wonder that Satan has perverted this most wonderful act, and is so active in destroying its fruit.

Pornography and abortion are the dastardly plans of the Devil, and those who partake in them are pawns in Satan’s hands.

Beware, Satan is no lover of people. Those who flirt with him will come to grief, both in this life, and the one yet to come.