I’m a big fan of scifi. Not the dark violent stuff though. When I write, it’s nearly always scifi, can’t help it.

With all this in mind, I’ve discovered that scientists like scifi too. Their problem is, they don’t know it. Take the ‘big bang’ for instance. Pure science fiction. Why? No evidence. Really, zero evidence, just lots of fanciful theories from guys with more imagination than sense.

Scenario two…Evolution. Pure science fiction. Again, zero evidence. Don’t believe me right? Don’t blame you, scientists make great preachers, and their perpetual message, life just happened…Er, somehow. No scientist can tell you how. They guess, but their guesses are not based on actual evidence. This will surprise you, all the evidence they cite points directly to creation, without exception. Take any evidence they quote and it points straight to creation. They just refuse to see it. And if they do see it, they refuse to accept it, and there’s the rub. If they accept it, they have to deal with God, and science refuses point blank to even consider God as part of the equation. Given all the evidence of His existence, this is the height of stupidity and human arrogance. Man just has to find his own answer, no matter how pathetic that answer may be.

The really crap thing about all this is that they insist on teaching this science fiction in schools. They may as well teach Star Trek for all the good it does our kids. If it came to a court of law, any judge would throw the case out for lack of evidence. The Bible, on the other hand, is an eye witness account. Dictated by the One Who was there and committed the act of creation. And science, for all its brains has never been able to break it in any way. They never will either.

You may be interested to know that several scientists have set out to disprove the Bible. They all ended up becoming Christians. One, Keller, wrote a book called, The Bible As History.

So, Big Bang…Big joke. Evolution…No scientist can find the start of it. The best they can do is put question marks on their ‘tree charts’ at the point where evolution should be.

So enjoy your science fiction, whether it be Star Trek, or big bang. ET, or evolution. They are all just science fiction.