Interesting term don’t you think. Seems to imply that that there is a humane for this to be the opposite of. I guess we regard humane as being kind, tender, caring, even loving. But we ll know that the human race is far better at war, killing, hurting and maiming.

Inhumane we see as…Well, the opposite of the above. People  are tried for war crimes where others have been slaughtered. But the side doing the judging are themselves guilty of just as many atrocities and massacres.

The simple truth is, be it humane or inhumane, it is committed by humans. Therefore, all acts are human, both good and bad. If we take an honest look at humanity, we see far more inhumanity than humanity. We are a wondrous and complicated people. Capable of such beauty, and such horror.

Let us strive for the beauty.