Read this quote…

“Charges have been dropped against a street preacher who was arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin. After reviewing the evidence, crown prosecutors decided last week to discontinue the prosecution of Dale Mcalpine, as reported by the Christian Institute.”

If you read all of this article it becomes clear that this is a case of entrapment. This preacher was approached by ‘a passer by’ and asked a question to which he rightly responded that homosexuality is a sin. He was then approached by a gay community support officer who took him to the police station where he was detained in a cell for seven hours and charged with causing “harassment, alarm or distress.”

Clearly this was a bogus charge. Answering a persons question can never be called harassment. Shouting it from the rooftops maybe, but not in this case.

What I want to know is, just who and what are gay community support officers and who gave them authority to act as policemen. This is very disturbing. Before long they’ll be waring black uniforms with swastika like emblems on their arms and carrying army officer type sticks to keep us all in check.

This is the start of vigilantism. The start of public displays of hatred towards Christians. You will NEVER read of them approaching Islamic preachers, or going into Mosques to entrap moslems. This is Christian specific hatred. Christophobia is here!

The end times are upon us. Watch for the coming of the Lord.