Men in suits, dark suits, and blue World religious leaders press G8 nations on MDGsties by the looks of it. Seems that the world is ruled by men in suits.
One day, the world will be ruled by men in white robes. It’s called righteousness, and the saints will be clothed in it and rule the earth for a thousand years. What a different earth that will be…Ruled by righteousness.

Think of everything that is terrible in the world today and imagine a world without it. Wow, what a place to be.

Personally, I’m ready. I’ve got my ticket and a place is reserved for me. It’s guaranteed by the Holy Spirit too, so no government or recession can take it from me. Not the devil himself!

I wonder if you can say the same, with the same assurance that I have. If not, why don’t you take a moment right now and say, “Lord Jesus, I come to You as a sinner and give my life into Your hands, knowing that You will take away my sin, and reserve a place for me in Your kingdom. Come and be Lord of my life. Amen.”

If you prayed that from your heart you are now born again, with a ticket to heaven and the same guarantee that I have. Welcome to the Kingdom of God, saint.