I’ve just stood in a queue at the post office for 25 minutes. Ahead of me, four old dears coming for their pension. All four had real trouble entering their pin numbers. One had to give up or the card would have been blocked. She walked away looking very unhappy…And with no money. Maybe she won’t eat tonight, who knows.

The point is this, generations above mine are not well suited to cards and pin numbers. One old chap had trouble because his hands were not that steady.

Add to that they walk out of the shop stuffing cash into purses and handbags, a very easy target for any passing lout. It’s a wonder that more don’t get knocked on the head.

In two and a half years I’ll be there getting my pension (if Cameron hasn’t swiped it!) I’ll be Ok cos I’m familiar with cards and keypads, but my heart goes out to those who are just not able to handle the modern technology.

Dear Lord, please protect and keep them in their seniour years.