As part of a concerted move to woo the ‘pink vote’, Prime Minister David Cameron has hosted a ‘Gay Pride’ festival reception at Number 10 ahead of Pride Fortnight which starts on 18 June 2010. Mr Cameron pledged his support for homosexual ‘rights’ before jokingly referring to his deputy, Nick Clegg, as ‘my own civil partner’.

He welcomed homosexual celebrities and members of the Armed Forces who celebrated the event at Number 10 as the Prime Minister became the first Tory leader to advance homosexual causes. It is reported that the event was designed to help boost the perception of the new Government as a champion of ‘equality’, after decades in which the Conservatives have been accused of ‘homophobic prejudice’.”

In the last century, there was a great lie, “Government of the people by the people for the people.” What we are heading into now is another great lie…”Government of the people by a minority for the minority.

Cameron is the devil’s man, as was Blair and Brown before him. But Cameron is the result of the other two, a true antichrist. “By their fruit you will know them…” Watch for great success and then sudden tragedy. The devil is no lover of those who follow him.