Daft question? No it isn’t…

You see, some people treat faith as a noun. I belong to the Roman Catholic Faith. Or, I belong to the Anglican faith. Another way of saying it would be, I’m a Catholic, or I’m an Anglican. As if belonging to that particular group held some sort of magical power to save.

Celebrities will often talk about their faith, but only ever using the term as a noun. A dead give away is the fact that they never say the name, Jesus, Who is the author and perfecter of our faith.

Here’s the rub, the word faith is a verb! It’s a ‘doing’ word…The Bible tells us, faith without works is dead. And some might argue that both the above ‘faiths’ are dead. Leave that one with you.

Abraham is called the father of faith because he actually got up off his butt and obeyed God. Both in following Him to a new land, andin almost slaying his own son. True faith requires action, not just belief. True love for God is shown by obedience to His will, not just paying lip service.

As for man made ritual and tradition…Forget it! Jesus clearly said that such things nullify the power of God. Again, both the above could be accused of that crime. Leave it with you again.

True faith then is hearing what God wants you to do and doing it. Regardless of how daft it may seem to those who walk in the noun version. Faith and common sense are not good bed fellows. True faith flies in the face of logic, common sense and human wisdom. Those who walk in verb faith are often regarded as nutters! Well, that makes Abraham a nutter, Moses a nutter, Paul a nutter and Jesus, the chief nutter. Seems like those of us who actually believe what the Bible says, and act upon it in faith, are in good company. (could say, God company.)

I pray this little blog will help you to start treating faith as a verb. It’s much more fun than the other sort!!!!

God bless.