Yet more gay rubbish is coming, read on…

“Minister for Women and Equalities Theresa May set out plans on Wednesday to tackle prejudice against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in all aspects of life, including education, the workplace, the criminal justice system and international rights.

The announcement signals the coalition Government’s intention to continue the work of promoting homosexuality started under the previous Government and will see it take up Labour’s drive to allow same-sex couples to register their relationships in a religious setting.”

It seems that this minister, let’s call her Treason May is hell bent on lowering the standards yet again to promote perversion. It’s difficult to see how they can elevate homosexuals any higher. Maybe they could give them tax relief, or higher benefit, or lower vat for them. As it is, we ( I mean us straight guys) all have to bow before them. We are not allowed to say anything about what they are or do or we end up in courte being fined and branded haters. Just talking about them brands us homophobes.

It seems that the coalition (condems I called them earlier in this blog) are starting to show their true colours. Cameron got into bed with Cleg and the result, prostitution of any morals he may have had. This is adultery in its worst form. He sold himself for power.

Cameron, you are a disgrace. Cleg, you are a disgrace. The pair of you are not fit to govern this once noble nation.

To my fellow Christians I say: Fear not, the Lord is coming back soon and we will be free of this godlessness for all eternity.

“Even so, come Lord Jesus.”