In law, there has to be a burden of proof. In religion, there has to be a burden of truth. In science there is neither.

Put it this way: The Bible has never been proven to be wrong. Evolution has never been proven to be truth. One is regarded as myth, the other is taught in our schools as fact.

Truth never changes. It never changes because it never needs to change. The truth is always the truth. Science, on the other hand, changes every few months. Ridiculous theories come and go with nauseating regularity, not to mention the umpteen instances of scientific fraud…And how about all the mistakes science has made.

It’s interesting that one of the truly great scientific discoveries, gravity, was documented by possibly the greatest mind that ever lived…and a Christian to boot!

The thing is this. God got it right first time, there’s been no need to change it because it’s the truth. Science is searching for all it’s worth for the answers that are already available in the Bible. If only they’d look.

God uses the foolish things to confound the wise!