Recently two baby girls were attacked in the bedroom of their house, and in London too. We don’t think of wild animals invading our cities, but it seems they do. This is not a freak ‘accident’ as portrayed by the so called experts, there was another similar attack a few years back when another little girl was attacked in her bedroom at 2am, again, in London. See the quote below.

Her mother, said: “That night we had locked the doors but left the window open. I was worried about burglars not foxes. I heard this scream and I ran into my daughter’s bedroom and the fox was actually standing on my daughter’s chest. He hadn’t even run away when she screamed. It was the size of a small dog.

“I had to run up to the bed and then he eventually ran off. But he didn’t leave the house he ran into our bedroom. He was looking around and we had to shoo him out of the house to get him out.

“It was very brazen. That was what frightened me. It seemed absolutely unfazed by us.”

Frightening isn’t it. And you know what, the country was up in arms a while back protecting these vicious beasts…People were actively fighting for them. Well, they won the day and now fox hunting is banned and we are starting to pay the price for it.

These attacks will get worse, before long, a child will be killed and then the country will be up in arms again, but this time they will be baying for blood. How stupid we have been allowing the ‘animal’ lobby to put an end to the one thing that was keeping these menaces numbers down. You know what will happen then don’t you…The government will pay a fortune to someone to ‘kull’ foxes when the country folk will gladly do it for nothing…What a stupid country this has become.

Heaven preserve us from dippy dos who love animals more than human beings.