I would like to ask our politicians a question… “Just what on earth do you regard as immoral?”

It’s a simple question, but we all know that politicians ‘duck’ answering questions. They are professional at it. My guess is that they would answer by justifying their take on issues such as homosexuality. Then they would attack those who take a stand against ‘their view’. That’s the way it is. Attack is the best form of defence, or in this case, avoidance.

A few years ago a cabinet minister was forced to resign. He’d sent a dodgy email and had to go. The fact that he was living with another man’s wife, and had raised children by her played no part in the fiasco.

So, Adultery is not regarded as immoral.

More recently, a Lib Dem cabinet minister has resigned because he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The fact that he was syphoning off our money to give to his boyfriend has played some part in his going, he was doing it to hide his sexuality! There is a lot of sympathy out there for this guy. No one has spoken out against his perverse life style.

So, living a perverse (we are not supposed to say, ‘perverted’) life style is not regarded as immoral.

In this country we have one ‘talent’ that beats the world. No, it’s certainly not football! It’s very wide spread and we are better at it than all of Europe…Teenage pregnancy. Yes, our teenagers are beating the world at getting pregnant, and the government’s response????? Teach ’em how to do it earlier. They are trying to have a go at 5 year olds now…Stupid or what!

So, sex outside of marriage is not regarded as immoral.

I stopped watching TV several years ago. You should try it, it cleanse your house out better than flash or Mr. Muscle! I can remember seeing scenes of town high streets at 3am where the clubs are letting out. Scenes of drunkenness beyond belief. The boys, (you can’t call them men) are aggressive, fighting and swearing a lot, and the girls, (again, you can’t call them ladies) are behaving like sluts. This is another area where we score really high on the crapometer of the world. And the government’s response??? Change the licensing laws so that alcohol is available 24-7! Beggars belief!

So, getting drunk and behaving violently and indecently in public is not regarded as immoral.

I have never gambled and never will. There are stories out there of broken homes, destroyed families and many suicides because of gambling. It’s an addiction as powerful as heroin. What was the last Labour governments response???? To build a bunch of ‘super’ casinos! Well, they tried, but common sense prevailed. However, we still have gambling all over the place: horses, dogs, football…Oh, and the lottery.

So, gambling is not regarded as immoral.

There’s a famous area in London called Soho. It’s the place where low life’s have their ‘businesses’. Strip clubs and the like. A more recent offshoot being lap dancing. There are plenty of magazines and a few papers (can’t call them news papers) that are full of filth. Freeview TV has a few xxx rated channels available, and the internet of course, I don’t need to even go there. Porn is a huge business and that’s why they don’t even try to stop it. The Lib Dems have embraced (pun intended) a woman who is proud to announce that she makes porn films. And Cameron has jumped into bed with them!

So, porn is not regarded as immoral.

Another area which should sicken any decent human being is the area of abortion. Thousands of unborn babies are murdered mercilessly in our country every year. They call it, “A woman’s right to choose.” We all agree that a woman has a right to her own body. She has the right to not get pregnant against her will. She has the right to not be forced to have intercourse against her will. She has the right to live if having the baby will kill her. No one disputes these things. But abortion is not a right, no woman has the right to kill another human being. It’s enshrined in law. Killing another is a no no, unless they are as yet unborn of course, then it’s OK. Again, we have a liberal to thank for this. David Steel fought long and hard to get this many kids slaughtered and he is admired for it. Half the country was up in arms about the killing of Foxes using dogs, but very few are protesting the murder of defenceless babies by men using metal instruments to rip them piece by piece out of the womb.

So, the slaughter of the unborn is not regarded as immoral.

I repeat my question, Just what do politicians regard as immoral?

We have a right to be governed by people who are honest, decent and moral. I wonder how many of our politicians measure up?