A sort of Christian think tank has suggested that churches should show the world cup on large screens. They ‘think’ it will draw men back to church.

Makes you wonder what some ‘christians’ are made of. Why would men want to go to a church to watch the world cup on a big screen when they can go to the local pub and watch it? Since when does it make any sense whatsoever to use the world to attract men to God, er, sorry, ‘the church’. At least one bishop is thinking of trying it.

We have the formula for attracting men to church in the Bible, you know, that big black book that no one seems to read these days! It says: “Jesus said, ‘If I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.'” If these churches will preach Christ, and lift Him up in their meetings, Jesus will do the rest. He said, “I will build My church.” No mention of football, or discos, or yoga classes etc. etc.

Places of worship are, or should be, just that, places of ‘worship’, where our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is worshipped.

Holiness is separation from the world, not inviting it through the doors in the vain hope that it will succeed where the church has failed.

This is a great example of why Jesus chose fishermen to be His disciples and not educated men.The trouble with educated men is that they rely on their brain, and not the Holy Spirit.

Will they never learn…