Channel 4 stoops to new lows in their desperate battle to stay on the air. Revenue from advertisers is reduced so it becomes necessary to clutch at straws like this abomination. Read on…

“Marie Stopes is set to make TV history when it advertises its abortion services on Channel 4 at 2210 GMT on May 24. The advert asks ‘Are you late?’, referring to women who may have missed a period, and will then run throughout June.”

It is being broadcast as part of a wider campaign by the registered charity to “confront the taboo of abortion”.

Here’s what the advert won’t say…A hem…drum roll please…

“Pregnant??? Have no fear, we are here to kill your baby at no cost to you!!!”

or how about this one…

“Pregnant, worried? No problem, come to Marie Stopes the butchers and have your problem removed. Leave feeling empty and lifeless….AND IT’S FREE. You’ll just pay for it for the rest of your life!”

You may not agree with my outrage at the slaughter of innocent children, but you HAVE to agree that abortion is the destruction of a human life.

“Around 200,000 abortions take place in the UK each year. Marie Stopes earns around £30m a year from the NHS for carrying out abortions.”

Confront the taboo of abortion? Crap! They just want to make more money.