So, we have a cobbled together government. It might be a good thing, at least it will keep everyone on their toes.

Both parties slogans included, “Vote for change.” But some things won’t change:

The advancement of homosexuality won’t change.

The persecution of Christians won’t change.

Moral and spiritual degradation of our nation won’t change, unless you call acceleration change!

Binge drinking won’t change, even if they do re label the bottles. They should add the new info twice as most of those who try to read it will want to be bee seeing double anyway! Adding, these cigarettes will kill you, hasn’t stopped people smoking them, so adding, drinking this stuff will make you drunk, should really work…As if they needed the confirmation!

We’ll still be ruled and ripped off by Europe. That won’t change.

Listening to Prime Minister’s question time sounding like a load of squabbling louts won’t change.

The lies that are man made global warming will still be used to wrench even more money out of our pockets, that won’t change.

The banks that got us into this mess will still make huge obscene profits with our money, with no one being called to book for it, but, rather, getting even more obscene bonuses as a reward for it…That won’t change.

So, what about change? Well, Gordon Brown has gone. That has to be good.

We have a new Prime Minister. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he does. The Bible says, “By their fruit you shall know them.” We all know what Blaire and Brown’s fruit has been. Let’s see what Cameron is made of.

Seventy years ago, give or take, there was a coalition government. It didn’t last long, too much squabbling. It was called, the Lib Lab (Lab Lib?) pact. What we have now is Conservative stroke Liberal Democrat pact. Somehow, Con Lib sounds crap, so how about…ConDem pact. Yeah, that says it much better.