Suicide bombers, knife attacks, murders, rapes, abductions…

Why is it that only bad news is news? What makes the editors think that we actually want, or need to see when some poor old soul has been beaten up by a yobo? What value is there for anyone in seeing a face all black blue and purple? Does it do any good? Of course not, it just scares every other old soul in the country even more than they already are! It serves no useful purpose so why do they insist on doing it?

Just what do they learn in university that tells them that pushing this stuff down everyone’s throat is desirable? Why can’t we have some good news for a change? What’s wrong with us seeing something joyful? Or hearing that Elsie’s cancer is in remission? Or better yet, that 20 souls gave their lives to Christ in Dudley and passed from death to life?

The answer is simple…Satan is the ‘prince of the power of the air’, and he wants to make sure that everyone knows what he’s up to. Hence, all the crap the news programs vomit out of the TV and radio sets. You will never hear of the good news of Jesus Christ changing people’s lives for the better cos that would be counter productive to his plans. And make no mistake, Satan has big plans for the world, plans for destruction, death and misery. It’s all around us every day, but that is no reason to help him out by spreading the junk around.

The world would be a better and less fearful place if all the news editors would do us a big favour and quit. Yes guys and gals, go find something useful to do…Please!