How much worse off would this country be if more people where active, practising Christians?

Would the crime rate go up or down?

Ladies, would it be less safe to walk the streets at night?

Would our children be in more danger than they are at present?

Would Christian politicians steal tax payers money by fiddling their expenses?

Would there be those appalling scenes of drunkenness in the small hours that we see on TV?

Would the general level of politeness and honesty be lower than it is today?

Would shoplifting increase?

Would vandalism, violence, yob culture and knife crime suddenly get worse?

Would domestic violence increase or decrease?

Would our kids have to face bigger and ‘badder’ bullies at school, or on their phones?

If you answer these questions with common sense, then you have to ask; Why is the government of this country hell bent on suppressing Christianity? It is the ONE thing that can change this nation for the better.