Just reading of yet another Christian losing their job for not wanting to participate in the abomination of homosexuality. These cases are on the increase, and will become common place before too long as the law ‘bites’ into our religious freedom.

Fellow Christians, we must realise that persecution has started. These are indeed ‘the last days’ spoken of by John. From here, it just gets worse. Within this decade it will become impossible to be openly Christian in Britain. Any stand taken against the relentless march of homosexuality will result in a conviction, without appeal, as in the case I read today.

I wonder what will happen when a Moslem takes a stand against homosexuality? It will be very interesting to see how the powers that be respond to such a case. And make no mistake about it, Islam hates homosexuals. In ‘their’ countries, they shoot them! Does the media dare call Islam homophobic? I think not!

In contrast to that, Christians are the most tolerant people on the planet. Christians do NOT hate homosexuals. We pray for them as we pray for all sinners. We pray for Pedophiles too, without hatred in our hearts…And they call us bigots!

Society has sunk to a new low when it calls the tolerant, intolerant, and those who live a perverse, unnatural life style are deified because of their perversion of the natural use of the human body. We now have a super class of untouchables, and once they realise the power they have, they’ll use it. Then the fun will really begin!

There is one thing that the law makers need to know though, and that is, Christianity thrives in adversity. For two thousand years the ‘world’ has been trying to stamp the fire of Christianity out, but they have failed, and they will fail this time too. The more we are oppressed, the more we have to use out faith, and when Christians start to move in faith…Look out world!