I don’t watch television so am not being bombarded by it in regard to the upcoming election. I really feel sorry for those of you who are.

All the parties are out and about doing their utmost to win your vote, saying all the things they think you need to hear, and trying, laughably, to look ‘cool’! Please don’t be taken in by the hype, use your own judgement and even better, your own conscience. Don’t let them tell you how to vote.

There will be very few out there who are not aware of the economic crisis. All Christians know that the world is dominated by a demon called Mammon, the god of money. He is very powerful on planet earth and basically controls everything. The world revolves around money — markets, stocks & shares, investments etc. When the money goes wrong, everything is affected.

This is the rub…Politicians will major on the economy and use it to hide loads of little things that they don’t want you to know or talk about. Don’t let them get away with it…Pray before you vote, and don’t just say, “God have Your way.” That’s a lousy prayer. No, get involved and command the demons that are behind all this to be silent, and get out of our nation.

Some have said, “We don’t get the government we ask for, we get the government we deserve.” I’m inclined to agree. Several other minority groups have shouted loud enough and long enough to force the government to change the law of the land in their favour. But we Christians have, in the main, stood idly by and let it all happen, moaning about it after.

Christianity is not passive, we have weapons that are mighty for tearing down strongholds and every pretence that sets itself up against God. Let’s start to use them.