It’s a natural part of the human psyche to want to hit back. We’ve all done it, and homosexuals are no exception. They have managed to successfully attack ‘hetros’ with a cat call and make it stick. If you dare to say anything against a homosexual, you are branded a homophobe, and it’s become a dirty word, a slur with a stigma attached. Well done guys, er, sorry…gays, you’ve won the day, you are the top dogs. You’ve achieved super status. You are now more ‘equal’ than the rest of us. I guess there’ll be no more need for gay rights marches, and the gay lobby can be disbanded, you’ve now got more rights than everyone else. Other than making you into an armed militia to police the rest of us nasty straight people to make sure we don’t break the new laws that protect you, you’ve got the lot.

It’s a complete turn around. Fifty years ago what you did was breaking the law, now, what we do is breaking the law. The difference is: what you do is vile, un natural sexual practice, and all we do is tell you that. Is that fare? Of course not, but life in this country is not about fair, it’s about the loudest voices winning the day, and that brings me to this…

The reason you have won this monumental victory is because of the people who govern us. They are Godless, gutless, cowards, who are so afraid of the gay lobby that they have prostituted their morals and any sense of decency they may have had to win votes. Votes at any cost can rightly be said of them all. And here friends is the real meaning of homophobia, a phobia being a fear of something. They are so frightened of the homosexual backlash that would happen if they took a moral stand against this perversion that they have sold their souls in order to placate them. Yes, Godless and gutless Brown, Clegg and Cameron, you are the real homophobes, and one of you is going to be the next leader of this country. God help us!