Yes, it’s another year already. My how they seem to fly. It only seems like last week that I was standing on the platform of the workingmen’s club at the bottom of our road in Liverpool…Actually, I was 13 when that happened. Yep, 13 and playing a gig. By 15 I was doing 4 nights a week with Johnny Marlowe and the Whipcords!!!!! I wonder what happened to you guys, Johnny, Bobby, Chris and Michael? Trust you are all still alive and as well as I am.

In those days, I was always the youngest. I can remember two girls coming up to me and asking how old I was. When I said fifteen, the one poked the other in the ribs and said, “See, I told you he was!” Ah, days gone by.

So, this year has been somewhat varied. Ups and downs, nothing new there except some of the downs were really terrible. Don’t need to go there now, but trust me, God is gracious and forgiving. Bless Him forevermore.

On the up side, I have seen an increase in faith, Bible reading and prayer. I make radio shows for Jonathan Conrathe, an anointed and mighty man of God. He was here a few months ago recording. He came on the train having had a bad accident which smashed his car. After the session he asked me to pray for him, which I am always glad to do as it starts him off and I get blessed. Well, we both let rip and I tell you every demon in the neighbourhood did a runner. It was such a powerful time of prayer…It was wonderful.

I had a breakout, (a breakthrough, but for me, a breakout) and since then, I’ve been on a higher plain with the Lord. I’ve seen answers to prayer both for myself and others, and God has challenged my faith to step out and test Him. This, I have done, and the result is sitting on my drive way; a shiny Mercedes car. Not a new one, but one that looks and drives like new. I tell you, I am so blessed I just have to share it with all who will listen. GOD IS GOOD AND HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER.

So, in a nut shell, that’s my last year. I’ve had plenty of work on, and though it was in a recession, I had my best year ever. Even had to pay tax!!!!! Now, I’m looking forward to all He’s going to do in the next one. It can only be exciting.

God bless,