Had this on my mind for a while now, see what you think.

I am not a gambling man, never have been, never will be. I have great sport with cold callers who try to sell me insurance. I tell them I don’t gamble which usually stops them in their tracks, at least for a few seconds. Once recovered they put up a fight, but I tell them, “The only thing guaranteed in insurance is that I will pay the premium every month.” Nothing else is guaranteed, that’s a gamble.

So, where’s all this going? Well, lots of people gamble on the lottery, they buy tickets faithfully every week in the hopes that their luck will be in. And to make sure they do, every so often, a big winner splashed up in the media to keep ’em hooked. After all, “IT COULD BE YOU.” ( Cue big bass voice!)

The odds of winning the lottery are in the order of 2,000,000 to one. That’s two million to one against, yet people flock in droves to buy their tickets. Sad really when you think about it.

As we are into numbers, let’s look at another ‘hot potato’, Evolution, which is taught in our schools as fact. What are the odds that evolution is true? Well, Borel’s law of probability states that if the odds of something happening are worse than 1*10^50 (that’s 1 with 50 zeros after it), then that event will never happen. It’s impossible… Interesting.

So, what are the odds against evolution? Dr. Harold Morowitz, a former professor at Yale University, estimated the probability of the formation of the smallest, simplest form of life known is 1*10^340,000,000. That’s one with three hundred and forty million zeros after it. Just a few more than 50 wouldn’t you say! It gets better…The well known atheist and evolutionist, Carl Sagan, estimated it at 1*10^2,000,000,000. That’s one with two billion zeros after it. Definitely more than 50, and yet, he still ‘believed’ in it. Some faith!

If a figure with 50 zeros after it represents impossibility, and these staggering numbers above are the odds against the ‘simplest’ form of life even starting, what are the odds against a single cell ‘thing’ becoming a human being?

What are the odds that God created the heavens and the earth, and all life? Well, either He did, or He didn’t. I make that 50/50, or one in two. Now, hands up if you’d buy a lottery ticket if your chances of winning where one in two! So, why do seemingly intelligent scientists cling to the myth of evolution in the face of such staggering odds, and why does the education system insist on force feeding it to our kids when it is plainly, by mathematical proof, impossible?