I have just been reading an extract from the book,”Even Greater.” It is the account of what happened when Reinhard Bonnke tried to hold a Gospel crusade in Kano, Nigeria in 1991. Islam, it seems, has no answer to the Gospel other than violence, and this episode is the epitome of that failing.

It seems that after a sermon in a Mosque, a mob took to the streets looting, killing and burning. Churches, businesses, you name it, they attacked pretty much everything in site. Reports speak of dead bodies everywhere. It beggars belief in these so called modern times.

So, what was the outcome? Well, on the surface Reinhard and his team had to leave the country. It looked as though Islam had won. But those who know Jesus know that He is never defeated. And true to form, just short of ten years later, 1.6 million gathered to hear the Gospel, of which 1.4 million made a decision for Jesus. Over a six day period, more than 3.4 million accepted Jesus.

Mob rule? I think not. Mobs destroy, kill and maim. They are one of Satan’s favourite weapons, read the book of Acts! No, Jesus rules and brings life, peace and freedom to those who will accept Him.

“To God be the Glory.”