The numbers, 9-11, will forever stay in our memories. It’s the date of the atrocity committed when the twin towers were brought down by terrorists. I can remember vividly watching on TV as the second plane hit. It made me sick to my stomach. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it was at least 5000 people that died that day, not all Americans. Tragic.

America went to war over it, invaded another country, full of righteous indignation…”How dare they kill Americans…” Strange is’t it, terrorists kill 5000 and it’s war, yet Americans kill way more Americans than that every week, but that’s, “A women’s right to chose.” Vehemently defended in the courts, news papers and media. “How dare they say we don’t have the right…” To what? To kill Americans!

There’s a new guy in the White House, so far he’s uped the money to support the killing of Americans, and done his best to set the terrorists free. The Bible says, “By their fruit you shall know them.” Watch this space.

girlsThis is a picture of my two daughters, taken a long time ago when they were very young. What a pair of sweethearts they were, and still are…A benefit to society.

Today is red evelope day. The good people of America, and the UK are sending empty red envelopes to the President and Prime Minister. Each envelope represents an aborted baby. I personally hope and pray that it sticks in there throats.

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