I’ve just come back from an amazing time in church. Can such a thing happen you say? Yes, you’d better believe it. I was playing bass this morning. I enjoy the bass as it’s so vastly different to the piano…And I get to stand on the other side of the platform!

So, why so amazing? Well, we had 2 new songs, neither of which was known to most of us in the band. Praise God, we sailed through them as though we’d been playing them for years. The Holy Spirit will do that if you’ll let Him. The worship time was special, so off to a good start. After, we had the sermon. It was one of those that just spoke straight to my heart. Ever been there and done that?

I’d totally forgotten this, but after the meeting ended, a meal was laid on for all the new folk in the church. I qualified as I’ve been there less than 2 years. As it happened, just about everybody stayed for the meal which was great. So, I had a great meeting and sermon, and chicken curry for lunch, with strawberry Pavlova (my favourite) after…It just doesn’t get much better than that!

After the meal I played some football with Jack in the sunshine!!!! And over tea and coffee, I was stood at the front of the church watching everyone fellowship and enjoy each other’s company. “This is my family,” I thought, and how blessed I am to have them.

Eeeeee it’s good to belong.