I may have said this somewhere before in my writings, but it’s worth saying again. Tonight I went to a farewell meeting for a local URC minister and his wife. They’ve been part of the Malvern scene for almost 7 years, and have made a difference both to Malvern and to me. They are a South African couple so it took faith to come here, and now they are returning to head up a new work somewhere else in the world. Malvern’s loss will be somewhere else’s gain.

So, Denis and Pat, farewell. I love you both and pray that God will mightily bless you as you go in His name.

There it is…The whole point of this blog…In Christianity, there is one sadness that we must all face; it’s saying goodbye to those we meet along the way. I probably won’t see Denis and Pat again this side of heaven, but O, what a joy it will be to meet up with them on the other side.