I don’t know about you, but in my life I’ve come across, and seen on TV, many people who have run the wrong way. They blame God for the disaster, or loss of a loved one. You can see the anger and bitterness in their eyes. These do no one any favours; anger and bitterness eat away at your insides. Stomach ulcers and stress related illnesses are all exacerbated by them. Strange, you never hear them blaming the cancer, or ‘mother’ nature, or Satan…Only God.

Im my time of trial, I found a better way. I turned toward God, not away from Him. The result? Forgiveness. No anger, no bitterness, no ulcer, no stress, but a peace that passes all understanding. Tell me, which sounds to you like the better way?

At church this morning (27th July 08) I witnessed one of the greatest acts of courage I have ever seen. Let me explain. A couple went on ‘a holiday of a lifetime.’ Safari in Africa, sounds wonderful. Sadly, the wife was taken ill and later died. This morning, the husband stood and gave us a testimony of that holiday, including all the information we needed to know about his dear wife’s passing. What a blessing for us to hear the answers to all those questions we had, and from the lips of a Godly man who is still waiting for his wife to be returned to the UK. NOT ONE WORD of complaint. NOT ONE WORD of anything except praise for God whom both he and his wife love. No anger, no bitterness…What a difference to those who run the wrong way.

There’s a lesson for everyone in these two testimonies…Run to God in your time of trial, He is always there to comfort you, no matter what the dilemma. For your own sake, for your peace of mind and for your life, DON’T allow Satan to turn you away from God. Anger and bitterness are killers.

To Peter I say, “Well done my brother, you are an inspiration to all of us.”
To Rosaleen I say, “Dear sister, your life has been, is, and will continue to be an example of true Christianity.”

Rosaleen the princess has become, Rosaleen the Queen.

To God be the glory!