Many years ago when I was on the staff of a Bible college in the south of England, I was in the habit of getting up early and going down to the lower ground floor of the big old house I was living in to pray. I never put the light on as it seemed to help being in the dark. Anyway, on one of those mornings the Lord said to me, “Every day dawns eventually.” For some reason, this struck me hard. It must have done cos it’s still with me 20 years later!

So what’s so profound about that you ask? Well, I’ve seen lots of days dawn since then. Some I really wish I hadn’t, and others have been a tremendous blessing, and some, I am still waiting for. For instance: I saw the day dawn when I went to Africa on a 2 week mission. I’ve walked on the shores of lake Tanganyika! I’ve played a little battery powered keyboard with a speaker tied to a tree and seen a thousand people come to hear the gospel. I’ve eaten chips in a mud hut!!! I kid you not. I got my first preach in a church with no walls and a corrugated tin roof, standing on a dirt floor.

I saw the day dawn when I was the only bloke in Holloway prison playing piano for the inmates. The day I stood in Gibraltar to take a day conference. The day I taught in a Bible school in Spain without notes…All of these days I have seen.

The point is this; there’s a day coming when every knee shall bow. A day when we will hear a loud shout from an Angel with a voice like a trumpet, and those of us who are born again will be caught up to meet Him in the air…Now what a day that will be.